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Internet, Technology and Culture

Does culture affect our virtual lives?

Do our virtual lives affect culture?


Berlin 25th – 27th January 2013

If you are involved in intercultural work, research or training you might be interested in exploring the relevance of the technology revolution we are going through and its affect, and vice versa, on cultural values in work, play and life.

If so maybe you’d like to meet with other interested, and interesting, people in Berlin in January to:

  1. Explore the concepts of Internet, Technology and Culture and see if there is opportunity to build some new elements into our training.

  2. Look into possible areas of study or research

  3. Find out things we didn’t know we didn’t know and to stimulate ideas!

  4. To explore opportunities for collaboration

  5. Most importantly - to have an enjoyable week-end in one of Europe’s most exciting cities!

The format of the event will be small group discussions, 4 or 5 people, with a topic leader, followed by larger group evaluation and documenting of outcomes.

The timetable will be roughly as follows:

  1. Friday 25th January 16:00: Evening visit to Cisco Systems to see their TelePresence Video Conference facility, including virtual discussion with Cisco specialists in Canada and elsewhere, followed by dinner and conversation. More on Cisco here

  2. Saturday 26th January: Approx. 9:00 – 18:00.  Subject conversations

  3. Sunday 27th January: Approx. 09:30-13:00. Summarise learning, insights, actions, opportunities and more

Note that it would be feasible to attend only the Saturday or only Saturday and Sunday.

Topics of conversation will be driven by the attendees - it is your conversation. However the following possible topics have been identified so far

  1. Virtual teams – is culture important?

  2. Impact of internet capabilities on students when studying or living abroad

  3. Is internet ‘life’ changing culture – particularly among young people?

  4. How does culture affect the use of applications such as facebook, twitter and others?

  5. Is the brain changing as a result of internet use - or over-use

  6. The negative impact of life in the ‘internet’ – bullying and worse

  7. Is culture considered by designers of functionality of online tools–WebEx, Skype, facebook etc.

COST: The only cost will be a small charge to cover room rental, it was €30 in Milan, and of course whatever cost you incur getting to Berlin. Venue etc. to be announced.

Contact me at this email address for more information

(Note: This is a follow up to the Milan Conversations held, in Milan, in May 2012)

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