Joe Kearns is uniquely skilled and qualified to provide training in English and Cultural awareness to working professionals. Joe has 20 years experience in computing and engineering holding senior international management positions in globally successful companies. In addition, he has three years experience as a trainer in English language and culture and has given a one year course in Business Management. With his extensive exposure to and passionate interest in many world cultures Joe is particularly well placed to guide business professionals through their development in language and cultural awareness.

From Engineering to Ethiopia

Joe Kearns graduated as an Engineer from University College Dublin in 1981. Following a year working at the university as a machine designer Joe spent six months in Lyon, France studying French. In early 1983, driven by a long held ambition, Joe took up the opportunity to work in Africa where he managed projects in irrigation and famine relief in Ethiopia for the Irish aid agency Concern.

Start of Computer Industry career

Following his return to Ireland in 1985 Joe joined the Germany computer company Nixdorf where he worked as a computer programmer and project manager spending considerable time in Paderborn, Germany.

In 1989 Joe joined the American software company Ashton-Tate and shortly thereafter became MIS Manger at their manufacturing facility. Following a take over by then US software giant Borland Joe became the European Systems Integrator for their new European IT Centre in Dublin working extensively with Borland offices in France, Germany and Holland.

Computer Science Degree

Between 1990 and 1994, while working at Borland, Joe obtained a degree in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin – and achieved first place in his qualifying exam class.

Hewlett Packard

After leaving Borland in mid-1995 Joe set up to do some consulting and worked with a prestigious law firm in Dublin to design their systems. However the opportunity arose to join the newly set-up Hewlett Packard manufacturing team in Dublin and Joe was the third employee to be hired. Starting as Business Applications Manager for the Dublin operation during his eight years at Hewlett Packard Joe rose to director level in the company and lived and travelled extensively in the USA, the Carribean, Far East and Europe.

New horizon - language and culture

In late 2003 Joe decided to seek a new career and qualified as a TEFL teacher. Following additional training in Intercultural studies he has spent the last three years providing English language and Intercultural training. Joe has provided training at all levels both in classes and to individuals and for the last 18 months has provided training in English for Special Purposes and Intercultural awareness to trainee English Language teachers. In addition Joe has delivered lectures in Business Studies* for a one year course to foreign students in Dublin.

To enhance his real life experience and learning of culture, Joe has already undertaken further training including a course for Trainers in Intercultural Training at LTS Bath and a course in Race and Ethnicity at Dublin University Trinity College. Further training, development and research are planned.

*Economics, Management, Marketing, Communication and Export Practice


About the Director

Joseph Kearns BE BSc

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