The Cisco Visit

High-end virtual meeting technology



  1. To allow participants to experience a high-tech virtual team environment using Cisco’s Telepresence virtual meeting technology (Click here for more on Telepresence)

  2. To meet, virtually, with a senior Cisco Engineer and discuss the nature of communication in that virtual environment

  3. To consider the impact of culture in this virtual environment - discussion


  1. Get an understanding of what the technology is capable of, its advantages and limitations.

  2. To give us a context for some of the conversations over the week-end.


Friday 4th May 2012

(Times subject to confirmation)

16:00 Meet at Milan Centrale Station (exact location to be arranged)

16:15-17:15 Travel by train and bus to Cisco office

17:30 Meeting starts

18:30 Meeting ends

18:30 Return to Milan

19:00 Meet for food and drink in Milan for those interested.

The Milan Conversation